A Little About Me ...

Sandy Cristel

Born in London, 1971, I was raised with natural Shamanic Spiritual beliefs without even realising it. We never attended Christian Church Services nor did we have a Bible in the home.

Experiencing life as a child with my psychic mother and grandmother ... I can only say that it was not like a typical upbringing, however, to me, it was normal and natural and I never questioned anything.

It wasn't until my teens when I began to realise I was indeed much different from most people around me.  I fought very hard with myself during this time but eventually, I finally found myself and my calling.  I was able to accept my differences and actually like them.  I have a gift and it is a gift I have fully embraced and can now use to help others.

My healing energy comes from within and it is ever changing, why would I want to change that?  All work I carry out is individual to the person and the circumstance and always very personal.

About my healing - this is a gift I have had all my life without consciously realising it. I would always pick up injured animals no matter what they were from hedgehogs to frogs, from rabbits to foxes and birds, and even snakes!  Usually they would recover in my care and I would eventually set them free to live out the rest of their lives in their own habitat.

I never questioned this gift because it was so natural there was never any need to.  It wasn't actually until back in the 90s that a friend's son injured himself so badly that I automatically went to work through meditation and spirit communication. A a few weeks later the boy left the Doctors and Specialists totally perplexed as he made a full recovery after being told "there is no hope" by the professionals!

I went on to actually becoming a Master in Shamanic Healing and Reiki, which I feel very at home with.  My initial own natural way worked well when I was younger but could become quite exhausting for me at times as I was giving too much of my own energy away.  By studying a wide range of holistic therapies, including massage and understanding energy anatomy as a profession, I have learnt how to focus and channel the Universal Healing Energy with even more skill, therefore, being even more beneficial for the person receiving it.  I have also mastered various other healing techniques and feel so blessed to know that I have helped hundreds of people and animals over the years with my natural gifts.

At the end of the day every single person is an individual and should be treated as such.  All my energy work, treatments and therapies are tailored to suit the person, taking into account what they are suffering from and what they wish to achieve from a therapy.  I work the way I feel it should be done and the way spirit guides me.

Snippet ...

"Sandy has been working with energy since she was a small child. She is a Master in Usui and Kundalini Reiki and Shamanic Healing and has spent most of her life helping others with her natural healing energy, along with a wide range of complementary therapies"

My Ouija Board and Mr Gumbert 

Sandy Cristel Ouija Board Sandy Cristel Gumbert

Here is my Dragon, Gumbert.

End Note 

I don't consider myself special - just different in a special kind of way.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me but please make sure I haven't already answered your question on my FAQ page.Sandy Cristsel


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