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 Do you do Black Magick or practise the Dark Arts?
If you mean do I work with negative energy - yes I do.  To work with spirit means you need to embrace the light and the dark as the circle of life. During an entity extraction the energy can become quite negative and although I work in the light, I do have to acknowledge and work within the dark.  There has to be balance.

  Why are you against Wiccans/White Witches?
I am not against Wiccans or White Witches, in fact I have many Wiccan friends, I just don't believe or work in the same way a Wiccan or White Witch would.

  Can you and have you ever put a curse on someone?
Yes I can and I have in the past; every individual has the right to defend themselves by whatever means necessary, however, I no longer cast curses as I don't need the karmic comeback.  However, I am happy to ask the Divine/Universe to take matters accordingly.  I would consider binding someone for you (it is not a curse but it is a form of hex if I feel it is appropriate for your situation and ONLY as a last resort).

Note: I do NOT do any of this lightly!


  Has anything bad happened to you?
Of course it has, life is life but that is how you learn and grow by experiencing challenges.

  How do the spirits talk to you?
It happens in many ways, sometimes they shout so loud in my ear it wakes me up when I am sleeping *no it is not pleasant!*. Other times I receive images in my head, other times I can see faces, or hear names and places.  I often enjoy to journey to various worlds during trance or meditation, mainly I visit the main Shamanic worlds being: the Lower World, The Upper World and The Middle World to find the answers I need.

  How do you heal someone you can't touch?
This is called remote spiritual healing - although I have had this gift naturally all my life, it was put to the test mid 2005 and is going from strength to strength. This is performed through visualisation, through spirit and Universal Energy. Having a photo of the person requiring healing helps me considerably to focus and spiritually connect with them. However, holistic healing does not replace conventional medicine and should be worked in conjunction with your current treatment, not instead of it! If you are are unwell or in pain please visit your doctor first!

  Do you believe in Jesus and the Devil?
I believe that Jesus did indeed roam the earth but came to us as a healer and a teacher. Unfortunately, mankind was not ready to embrace this at that time and so out of fear destroyed what they did not understand or wished to understand. As for the Devil - no I do not believe in the Devil. I do believe in negative energies and bad spirits just as you have bad people in the world.

  Why would you use insects and skin etc. in a spell or ritual?
This is personal but mainly because the life essence of such can enhance the outcome of the spell.

  Would you ever sacrifice animals like cats or dogs?
No, I do not see the point or the need. Insects and invertebrae are perfectly adequate when harvested through cold climate, I cannot see a reason in using anything else, especially when they carry the same energy as a larger animal. Please don't get caught up in the media hype of films of what witches are and what witches do.

  Can you heal Cancer and AIDS and other terminal illnesses?
I think the answer here is that I am not a God and you have be realistic in your expectations. If I am unable to cure it then I can help with slowing up the progression of an illness and help considerably with pain. I only offer this kind of holistic therapy work alongside conventional medicine.

  Do you offer a money back guarantee on healing?
No I don't. Most people come to me for long term healing and results depend on the severity of the illness - some experience instant relief whilst with others it can take a while, but it is very effective.

  Do we have to arrange an appointment for a remote healing session?
For remote healing, I will discuss a time with you when you are resting, usually evenings or mornings when you are more open and relaxed to receive the energy.  .

  What actually happens during a remote healing session?
I will sit and meditate with my Spirit Guides and focus on you. I then become a channel in which Healing Universal Energy flows through me and into you. I may sometimes incorporate the use of ancient symbols to help focus and send this energy to you - especially for animals, the young and the elderly. The experience varies considerably for each person and each session.

  What will I feel during remote healing?
Everyone is different. Some people feel tingles some people don't feel anything at all. Others fall into a deep relaxing sleep.

  Would you heal someone else for me?
Yes of course, a photo of the person to be healed is always helpful, and if possible, please get their permission.

  Do you do any commercial work? TV or Interviews?
Yes I am always happy to talk about my path and way of life openly.

  What won't you do?
I will not cast love spells on certain people just as I will not directly "curse" anyone for you. There are always two sides to every story and usually I only hear one side. I can help put some fire back into an existing relationship, but I will not cast love spells that could involve a 3rd party (for example breaking up happy couples). I also won't pander to your greed, so don't ask me to help you win the lottery or get a windfall of unrealistic amounts of money.

  How do I know that you're genuine and not a scam?
You don't! However, you can see many reviews on Facebook and Trip Advisor so you have a first hand account of their experiences. Also I invite you to visit me in Dorset at my shop and meet me in person.



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