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Oracle Readings using the Lenormand

Piatnik Lenormand - my favourite deck

In 2007, I was introduced to Lenormand Oracle Cards. They are completely different from Tarot and I bonded with them immediately.

The readings I have given so far have been absolutely accurate, and people come back to me time and time again.  I have a strong connection to the Lenormand, perhaps this is a result of me being half French and maybe there was a strong connection to them in my French ancestry.  I don't know much about that side of my family but I am currently digging around to find some information.

Not many people I know read Lenormand Oracle, which makes me different.  I like being different.  The market is now saturated with Tarot readers and I feel as though I can give a different and satisfying perspective on your current situation, far more so than many Tarot readers out there. Always remember, the cards are only as good as the reader.

A rare deck of Lenormand Cards - real gypsy feel

Although Tarot can give great insight I truly feel the Lenormand Oracle is far more unique and personal than Tarot could ever be. 


Not only that I have found that Tarot seems to predict your FATE, whereas The Lenormand predicts your DESTINY.



Readings are no longer offered


I can recommend some amazing readers so do get in touch and I will let you know my trusted circle of fantastic people

Snippet ...

"By the age of 13 I owned my first deck of Tarot cards.  Over the years I always felt I could give more to the questioner and always felt that something was missing from my readings.  I only ever used to read for friends or family and although my readings were always spot on, in my heart, I knew I could do better".



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